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Waheed Barghouti And Dakwak: Crowd-Driven Translation

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Waheed Barghouti, Dakwak is an innovative website translation and localization technology based out of Jordan that is utilizing machine, crowd-driven, and professional translation technologies that serve over 60 different languages. Dakwak aims to tackle the issues businesses face when expanding into international globalized markets such as the Middle East and North Africa. Instead of having to open a website’s backend to a translation services (the typical modus operandi to date if and when you want to have your site translated into, let's say, Arabic), Dakwak only needs a website’s URL and desired language to complete its advanced translation service. Thanks to its emphasis on Research and Development, Dakwak was voted one of the best users of technology in 2011. The company is already expanding to other regions and markets, offering a highly desired service in a simpler and less intrusive way. What's not to like?

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