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Elias Khoury, Elie-Grégoire Khoury And Dermandar

Dermandar, a small tech startup based in Beirut, Lebanon, has created an innovative iPhone app, DMD Panorama, which takes amazing and incredibly high quality 360° panoramic photos that users can then, for example, easily share online. Co-founded by Elias Fadel Khoury and Elie-Grégoire Khoury, Dermandar has had over 4 million downloads worldwide! The mighty Wall Street Journal described it as, "The easiest-to-use panoramic picture app on the iPhone.” Not bad for a company started out of a "garage". But hey, wait a second, wasn't the most valuable company on planet Earth (Apple and the last time I checked) started in a really really really similar way with two guys (one a Syrian orphan) working from... a garage?! LOL! With such a simple and innovative iPhone app, available for download online at the Apple Store, it is no wonder Dermandar is ready to go global. We wish them the best of luck in what is an incredibly competitive field but incredibly rewarding too when you hit it right (think Whatsapp sold to Facebook for... 19 billion USD)!

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