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MENA Social Rocks MENA's Content Ecosystem

MENA Social ® is the leading online content aggregation platform focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It allows users to follow the most talked about MENA online content all through one single user-friendly aggregation platform updated in real-time! Checking out many separate websites frequently can take a long time and rapidly become cumbersome. Aggregation technologies such as the one used by MENA Social help to consolidate many websites into one page that can show real-time information from many sites. MENA Social covers 30 MENA topics (Breaking News, Business, Communication, Computers, Economy, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Finance, Food, Funding, Gaming, Health, Humor, Investments, Lifestyle, Luxury, Management, Media, Money, Politics, Real Estate, Science, Social Media, Sports, Startups, Technology, Transportation and Travel) in over 50 languages from over 1,000 global leading media outlets. The platform also offers efficient and cost-effective global advertising solutions to MENA firms seeking MENA and global exposure as well as global firms seeking MENA exposure. Aggregators reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or personal newspaper. Famous examples of news aggregation websites similar to MENA Social are The Huffington Post, Newslookup, Newsvine, World News (WN) Network and Daily Beast (among others) where news aggregation is entirely automatic, using complex algorithms which carry out contextual analysis and group similar stories together. News aggregation websites started with sites like The Huffington Post, Drudge Report, NewsNow,, etc... and is a rapidly evolving technology segment with still huge innovations to come thanks to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and similar predictive technologies. The privately funded MENA Social platform has been acclaimed by the global tech startup community with a rouse of applause: “innovative”, “powerful” and “addictive". MENA Social is “the one stop shop destination for all MENA real-time news and latest job opportunities needs”. MENA Social’s user adoption has just been staggering to say the least! In just a few months and without any marketing initiatives apart from word of mouth, the platform already registers an average of roughly 250,000 users per week (source: Google Analytics)! That’s 1,000,000 users per month and over 12,000,000 users per year! Talk about a goldmine for online advertisers! And thanks to the platform’s 30 different topic sections, MENA Social allows for effective targeted advertising from business to finance to fashion to health to technology etc… Welcome to MENA's first and most powerful real-time content aggregation platform! Welcome to MENA Social! More at

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