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MENA Salaries On The Rise

The 2014 Robert Half Salary Guide shows, according to MENA Prestige's analysis, that MENA starting salaries for professional occupations are projected to increase an average of 3.8 per cent in 2014 amid a global economic context that is not the most rosy to say the least. As in most developed economies, accounting and finance positions are expected to see the largest gains among all fields researched, with an anticipated 5.0 per cent increase in the average salary for newly hired workers. A piece of both promising and interesting data pertains to MENA's technology sector, a sector that has been experiencing a substantial boom. Indeed, technology professionals can expect starting salaries to rise an average of 4.6 per cent fueled by the impressive number of new technology ventures being launched with MENA. Gareth El Mettouri, Associate Director, Robert Half Middle East said, "The job market for experienced professionals across the Middle East and North Africa has tightened. What was proving to be a shallow talent pool has further diminished, leaving companies struggling to find local talent and often turning to expatriates to fill critical roles. “While we have not returned to a climate where double digit salary increases are the norm, businesses are looking at their compensation and adjusting levels to both attract and retain the market’s top talent. Periodically benchmarking salaries against industry averages will help businesses remain competitive as they look to grow their operations in 2014.”

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