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Showoff your products/services to MENA Prestige's high caliber/high purchasing power readers/month and leverage MENA Prestige's exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies! We offer what we believe are compelling advertising solutions, attractive results and most importantly proven results! Reach MENA's (and people interested in MENA) movers, shakers and trendsetters! Our readers are international high caliber professionals with strong purchasing power and (among others) a strong appetite for innovative ideas, products and services. Cut through the meaningless magazine campaigns, blinding billboard aggression and poorly composed and oh so annoying minuted SMS attacks! Advertise with class on MENA Prestige, boost your brand/company recognition and capture the minds of the region's elite right here right now...

300 x 250 Click Through Sidebar Ad  -  1,500 USD/month (flat rate)**     
Sponsored Posts Permalinks (SPP)*  -  1,000 USD/SPP**

*Sponsored Posts Permalinks (SPP) are regular posts (written by you and published in your exact words) that are simply and discretely tagged as ads. You can think of them as an ad page booked in a widely read magazine. They are incredibly useful and powerful if you are seeking to present your company/products/services to a huge number of MENA executives or if you want to issue a Press Release pertaining to a new development within your company! The great advantage of Sponsored Posts Permalinks is that they give you the freedom to create and publish your own post. As importantly, they create a permanent link (Permalink) on the internet that is rapidly indexed by search engines (Google and co…) and thanks to MENA Prestige’ exceptional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies (our edge over the competition) often ranked among the first 3 links for a typical Google search. And if that isn't cool enough, you can then share that link across all social media networks boosting your SPP to theoretically illimitable reach!

**Due to substantial demand, prices are subject to supply/demand generated fluctuations. Significant discounts are available if you book banners for 6 months or 12 months or schedule multiple SPPs in advance.

To discuss how MENA Prestige can help you best achieve your advertising and digital marketing goals, please email us at and an account manager will get back to you.

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