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Naif Al-Mutawa, Teshkeel Media Group And The 99

Teshkeel Media Group was formed in 2004. It’s business and social objectives were to create exciting animated television programs for young families and children throughout the world. The idea was to offer new role models of superheroes born of Middle East history and Islamic archetypes that possess values shared by the entire world. Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa, the creator of THE 99 saw a need for new role models that children from China to Chad to Canada could relate to as their own without the parochial influence of any nation, religion or individual. Dr. Naif Al Mutawa of Kuwait, creator of comic book and animated series The 99, has worked with Teshkeel Media Group to expand his brand around the world. The series showcases 99 superheroes that reference Islamic culture and society and express universal values in their struggle to share light and battle the forces of evil. While creating the story has been controversial in different markets, its message has been well-received globally.  The series is currently available in English and Arabic, with several other languages in the works. Hugely popular, The 99 represents bold creativity by its creator to share MENA in a translatable and accessible way.