The Best Of What’s Going On In MENA

Ahmad Zahran, David McKern And Infinitec

Founded in 2008 by Ahmad Zahran, of Palestinian origin, and David McKern, Infinitec was initially funded through a successful kickstarter campaign and is now based in Dubai, UAE. Infinitec created the world’s first “Pocket TV,” which plugs into and turns any TV with an HMDI input into a “Smart TV,” and an Infinite USB Memory (IUM) Drive that connects to server space through the cloud. With several other products in development, Infinitec is challenging the known boundaries of technology. They have developed products with the potential to transform international data storage and Smart TV markets in powerful ways and are quickly expanding out of MENA. If they succeed, this will be a rare case of a MENA born hardware technology startup making it beyond MENA borders. Indeed, MENA startups have been gaining both traction and attention beyond MENA borders but these startups have tended to be for the vast majority software, online media and e-commerce plays. A hardware "hit" would most definitely give the region's budding startup scene a major boost!

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