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Who Knew One Has To Be Fit To Run A Business!

Being unfit, overweight or not taking an active role in your overall well-being can have a surprisingly detrimental impact on the successful running of your business. Guillaume Mariole from Ignite fitness & wellness guides you through the problems and gives practical advice on how to combat this ever-growing problem. What are the consequences of being unfit or overweight? Being unfit or overweight communicates countless overtones that are tremendously negative for your business. Lack of self-discipline: Unfit or overweight people may come across to their colleagues, clients or customers as lacking in self-discipline. The world is a stage and if you look like you lack self-discipline in your personal life, how are you expected to handle the challenges of successfully managing a business? Your appearance doesn't reflect the corporate culture: Imagine a potential client or customer is talking to both you and a competitor. You are both equally knowledgeable and both able to give a killer presentation. There is one difference however; your competitor looks fit and healthy and therefore exudes an air of confidence and self-security. You however are not in top shape, could lose a few kilos and do not convey a feeling of taking ownership of your overall health. Which company would you give the contract to? Stress: Unfit or overweight people generally display more stress that in turn, discourages groups including you. Do you get out of breath running from your office to the conference room for your next meeting? Bad influence on others: If you are following bad habits, you will probably be cultivating the same bad habits within your team / colleagues. Your team is your greatest asset so you should strive to get a positive return on your investment by investing in your, and in turn their, fitness and weight management. Positive and long-lasting changes will result in: Reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and morale and reduced employee turnover. Why is this problem so prevalent in Dubai? Although working in Dubai has its many advantages, being able to successfully marry work with a fitness and well-being schedule is no easy task. People in Dubai work hard and play hard, making it difficult to find the time. Add the desert climate, which sees the temperature soaring for many months of the year, and time spent outdoors becomes a task in itself. The layout of the city does not help either, as people may have to rely on cars to get from A to B. Another major factor to consider is the role that eating out plays in the equation. Entertaining is not an optional extra. For many, it is a vital part of the corporate mix and many a deal is made over decadent and calorie-laden buffets. What can you do about it? Help is at hand and provided you have the willpower and determination to make the most of your company’s, and of course, your own well-being, there are a number of ways you can improve your fitness, health and ultimately your personal wealth!

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