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Bassam Fattouh A Pioneer Beyond The Makeup World

As a young boy, Bassam Fattouh loved art, painting, design, and beauty and the way they opened the door to fantasy and the imagination. He could see beauty anywhere and could capture this attractiveness. He delighted in grabbing a pen and re-doing the make-up seen on models and celebrities in magazines. He knew this was his calling and so he went to study at the prestigious Paris Carita Beauty Institute. This marked a major turning point in his life and the start of his realizing his dream. It prompted him to develop a different approach and unique philosophy. And this eye-opening experience led him to open his first institute in Beirut, Lebanon in 1997.From day one Bassam Fattouh was a pioneer. He was the first make-up artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the region. It was the talk of the town, and this move attracted people’s interest. But it was ultimately his talent and philosophy that established his solid reputation. He was the first to say yes to daring colors, going against the classical shades that dominated back in the day. And he created iconic looks that stood out. He risked being different and this ignited his success. Bassam Fattouh is an international name in the make-up world. He was appointed as the spokesperson for Clarins in the Middle East. This marked the firm’s first such collaboration in the region. Dior approached him to work on an editorial for the launch of their special edition eye shadow line exclusive for the Middle East. This thrilling joint venture between him, Dior and Elissa (the famous star) saw Bassam create an iconic smoky-eye look with an alluring oriental twist. Saks Fifth Avenue in Riyadh elected to have the Bassam Fattouh Institute as their official beauty center. In addition to all this recognition from prestigious brands, Bassam’s flair has been acknowledged by celebrities, royalty, prominent ladies, and all women who appreciate the allure and power of exceptional makeup.

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