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Reem Faisal's Passion For The Heritage Of Couture

Reem Faisal is a Saudi bridal couture engineer who creates fairy tale dresses using art and aesthetics alongside her technical aptitude. The power of fashion was what interested the designer at first. One day she realized what a conglomerate of talent, business acumen, technical study and marketing can do to one’s wardrobe when they join forces. Fashion is one of the most underestimated segments of an economy, according to Faisal Asked about her background in design or manufacturing before her career started, Faisal said: "My entire childhood was spent in my mothers atelier, EVE Haute Couture, one of Jeddah’s oldest and monumental ateliers. I grew up learning about sewing machines and the artistry of beading instead of learning how to play LEGO and doing puzzles. I formalized my interest by obtaining a degree in Fashion Design in Virginia, USA and went on to gain experience in the retail world of fashion. I was awarded for my skills in draping." Initially,she worked for a Saudi brand which was her mother’s flourished and thriving atelier, EVE Haute Couture. The experience she gained designing for clients on a one-on-one basis was priceless in helping launch her own label. The direct interaction gave her insight into the emotional and psychological experience of the client when anticipating the perfect gown. For her, it has been seven beautiful years of specializing in the art and science of bespoke & “couture”. "Couture is truly the essence of everything fashion. It all began with Parisian Couture. I was drawn into couture because of the principals and discipline that shouldered its creativity. Couture is unique in its core concept and marketability. There are very few entities in the fashion fraternity, globally and in the MENA region, who are specialized and passionate about the heritage of couture." Designing is a state of mind, Faisal is inspired by fresh ideologies and by enhanced mental paradigms. She creates best, when she feel she have been enlightened by an experience, encounter or thought. For Faisal, resources are endless in this era of instant communication. she says "It’s important, however, to approach all information feeds with objectivity in order to form your own take on things as an artist." Faisal says she's bi-polar when it comes to style, has her own personal style exclusive to her own adornments and it’s best described as comfortable and understated. Her creative style and aesthetic, however, is far from understated. She believes she's most vocal and opinionated when using gowns as means of communication. Her creations are grand, opulent, intricate and regal. She doesn't think she’ll ever forgive myself if she make a “cute little dress”.

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