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The Mukhi Sisters: Jewelry With An Attitude

Five years ago, these three talented Lebanese sisters realized they have one thing in common, their love for jewelry and wearing them loud and proud. The Mukhi Sisters brand has been popping up in blogs and fashion magazines, such as Style Arabia, and their pieces of jewelry can be seen on many young women around the Middle East, mostly in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. The three sisters, Maya, Meena and Zeenat, have varying tastes but somehow they are able to join forces and create a brand that suits all tastes and styles. It’s not by coincidence that their love for precious gems and stones came about; they owe it to their parents who are well-known jewelers. The family has a long history of being involved in the jewelry business. Their father and his family have been in the industry since 1875, while their mother runs her company since 1982. Thus, the sisters grew up exposed to the industry and surrounded by the finest stones. The Mukhi Sisters give an insight into how they were able to present their brand the way they do. Their parents inspired them a lot! To the extent of making them fall in love with this industry. So they grew up surrounded by fine jewelry; thus was easy to see how. The business came to life since it was Maya’s idea. She always wanted to have something of her own, so she started with a collection and it quickly turned into a success. So after the three sisters graduated from college, they decided to join our creative forces and start Mukhi Sisters. They wanted to share their style and add our attitude to the market! Anything and everything can be the muse in creating the statement pieces Mukhi Sisters explain. So far, they’ve been driven by the love for specific stones and a certain feeling they triger. Their motto is “jewelry with an attitude.” The pieces are unique because they are a reflection of their own styles, of something felt at a specific moment. And they turned that moment into a jewel. In addition to that, they have a certain way of styling up clients with their jewelry, and this is something the sisters enjoy doing. The pieces are not fads, or trends since they see jewelry as “wearable collections of fine jewelry,” so they make their best so that the clients wear our pieces everyday. They become part of their everyday lives. The Mukhi Sisters love vintage.. And one of their collections is based on authentic vintage pieces as well as new designs made using old material, to give that vintage feel. However, they also have two other collections that are more modern: “Ever Yours” and “Contagious.” Each collection is based on the style of one of the sisters! Meena is classic and chic. The collection “Ever Yours” is a reflection of her style. Fine and romantic pieces, all made with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Zeenat is different; she has a style of her own. She almost never leaves the house without having at least 6 or 7 rings on. If she were to be a Mukhi Sisters, she’d be “contagious”. That collection is all about her style. As for Maya, she is somewhere between a rock star and a princess! She has the biggest love for vintage jewelry and this is why they have the “Queen Vicky” collection. They regularly present clients with new collections. And are working on their anniversary collection as they turn five this year. It will be launched at the store in Beirut and will also be available at SAUCE concept store in Dubai and will be expected to be at Bisat Al-Reeh in Jeddah this Ramadan. They’ve launched an app for both iPhone users and soon for Android users. It’s called Love Translator, and the purpose of it is to remind men that the best way to say it is with jewelry. The Mukhi Sisters are looking for new opportunities to expand the brand, and are open to suggestions.

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