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Russian Dolls Inspire Rouba Dayani's Designs

Every now and then you find a designer whose method of defining fashion and creating a trend is different from the regular flow of other fashion designers. It’s their signature pieces and choices of fabric and motifs that make them climb the fashion line ladder. Every designer has a own unique way of presenting their ideas and inspirations, this is no exception for designer Rouba Dayani. A master’s graduate from Poli Moda in Florence, Italy majoring in Fashion Design, this designer is taking the Saudi fashion scene the only way she can, by creating a line under the influence of Ruassian’s infamous “Matryoshka” dolls.  The young designer has always had the dolls’ concept in mind and has always wanted to create such a line because she believes there is something beautiful in the vivid colors, floral patterns, diverse fabrics and intricate details of each stitch piece in her line. The collection was launched on the 3rd of Ramadan in Jeddah’s newest Rubaiyat branch in Stars Avenue. Rouba’s latest line was themed as “tribaliesque” with minimal pieces but added a twist of bold colors alongside some jumpers and skirts along with it. But her latest is the “Matryoshka” inspired line. In this line specifically, she used different Russian names and designed pieces according to the meaning of each. There’s “Katerina” (pure) with the color blue taking over skirts and babushka scarves donned with a bold floral design with a touch of yellow floral silk fabrics to add. There’s “Valentina” (brave), with orange and pink floral hues and bold striped linen and chiffon to perk up a casual chic look. “Florentina” (bloom) with striking black lines and bright reds dominating this selection, one of the most requested by her clientele, is a unique combination but matching nicely. “Anastasia” the young princess in graceful ice blue, powdered yellow, crisp silver and white organza kaftans with some sheer fabrics ideal for an elegant night out. The next is “Rayna” (the queen) with golden organza flowers and roses mixed in with tweed and Italian fabrics, only found in Rouba’s designs. The selection of names and creating pieces under each came to life after the designer’s fabric hunting. “I found that looking at pictures and getting the fabric was the best thing I could have done when it comes to designing each piece. This way I get a feel of the fabric and imagine the type of dress or skirt or top it is most suitable for. I’ve always wanted to create a line based on the Matryoshka dolls, the idea became a reality before I even knew it,” said Rouba. Upon the launch of the line, she showcased her designs in this year’s Bizat Al-Reeh festival in Al-Harthy Center in Jeddah. The collection was widely appreciated and was found to be interesting by onlookers. The designer didn’t only design simple pieces, the collection ranged from uber elegant to comfy casual chic. When looking at a matryoshka doll, the design of the human figured matryoshka is somewhat slimmer, it is that way in order to suit her clients’ preferences. “If it were up to me, I would have gone all out and created an even more outrageous line, poofy skirts, extravagant dresses and other amazing pieces I had in mind but I chose to tone it down just a tad to please myself and my clients too,” said Rouba. The uniqueness in Rouba Dayani’s latest collection breaks the Khaleeji influenced barrier many use, this is what makes her designs appealing especially during the month of Ramadan where many opt for kaftans, and the hot summer months along with Ramadan, but this way one can wear anytime of the year. One can never go wrong with kaftans but change is also nice every once in a while. Be sure to check the latest of Rouba’s designs and updates on her Instagram account “Roubadayani.” Her collection is also displayed at the Home Grown Market at The Store in Jeddah.

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