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MENA's Utmost Luxurious Diamond Facial Treatments

If you thought the gold leaf facial was the last word in luxury, the spa at Anantara’s Palm Jumeirah resort in Dubai has just upped the ante with their ultimate diamond skincare treatment. Packed pampering schedule: the 150-minute Natura Bissé Diamond Sublime treatment at Anantara flew by quickly. That’s probably because it involved multiple therapies, starting with a floral foot cleansing ritual. This was followed by gemstones of amber, citrine and amethyst being used to energise one's chakras. This impressive opening, like every aspect of the treatment, as it turned out, was geared towards countering the harmful effects of fast-paced life in the city – including electromagnetic pollution. With that in mind, what came next was positively sci-fi. Pure magnetism: The time had come for the diamonds to make a grand entrance. However, their appearance was disguised as a thick black creme containing diamond dust, applied to the skin for vigorous exfoliation. Pleasantly perfumed with the essential oil of wild lavender, the product’s magic component was micronised iron. This means that the therapist donned a pair of magnetic gloves to remove the residue from the skin and leave it silky smooth. The sensation of magnatherapy is glorious and not dissimilar, one would imagine, to being stroked with a plume of ostrich feathers. With the tickling over, it was time for more diamonds in the form of a rich body lotion packed with the sea plankton extract Artemia Salina. Known for its skin-enhancing properties, the therapist talks the patient through how the key ingredient helped protect against UV damage and reduce UV-induced inflammation. Diamond dermatology: A deep cleansing facial ensued, consisting of tingling activator crèmes blended with grapefruit and nectar extract. After which came – you’ve guessed it, – more diamonds.
If the body emulsion felt good, the face serum stole the show. It had the consistency of a breathable gel, which was easily absorbed and gave the face a n instant feeling of plump hydration. Completing the facial was a soothing 15-minute lavender mask, allowing attention to turn to the feet for some reflexology. Shine bright like a ...When handed the mirror at the end of the treatment, you can immediately noticed two things. First, having sensitive skin, you'd be amazed that such an intensive treatment hadn’t triggered the slightest blotchiness. The skin becomes luminous. Second, and quite spectacularly, the limbs sparkled as clusters of diamond particles caught the light. Girl’s best friend: Skeptical beforehand, one can’t deny that the diamond-infused products treated with do have a positive effect on the skin. A full range of the Barcelona-based Natura Bisse’s skincare treatments is available to buy at Anantara, from cleansers and toners to a skin-lightening complex. With the spa’s signature diamond treatment costing Dh1,700, – these precious potions don’t come cheap. One customer bought the entire product line, spending upwards of Dh30,000 in the blink of an eye. Emirati ladies are particular fans of the diamond facial, extolling its long-lasting effect and their skin’s improved elasticity. Lucky ladies, for this has to be the ultimate pre-wedding, post-holiday or pay-day-treat.