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The Carnegie Middle East Center: Fostering Peace

The Carnegie Middle East Center is a public policy think tank and research center based in Beirut, Lebanon. It was established in November 2006 by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Middle East Center draws on the successful experience of Carnegie's Moscow Center, established in 1994, and also runs parallel to new Carnegie initiatives in Beijing and Brussels. The Middle East Center is concerned with the challenges facing political and economic development in the Arab World, Turkey and Iran. It brings together senior local researchers from the region to work on in-depth research relating to critical matters facing the countries and peoples of the region. The center aims to better inform the process of political change in the Arab Middle East and deepen understanding of the complex economic and security issues that affect it. The Carnegie Middle East Center is part of Carnegie's well-established Middle East Program and will build on standards and approaches the program has developed. Its work is further enriched by project-specific collaborations with Carnegie scholars in Washington, Moscow, and Beijing as well as with a wide variety of research centers within the Middle East and Europe. This distinctive approach provides policy makers, practitioners, and activists in all countries with analysis and recommendations that are deeply informed by knowledge and views from the region, enhancing the prospects for effectively addressing its particular challenges. The Carnegie Middle East Center's focus is on policy-relevant, empirical research on key political and socio-economic issues. It aims to reach a number of constituencies, including policy makers, practitioners, academics and journalists as well as international organizations, civil society actors, and ordinary citizens in Middle Eastern countries who may benefit from the center’s work. An advisory council comprised of distinguished national and international leaders from the policy, business, expert, and civil society sectors of countries across the Middle East provides the center with advice and support.

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