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Pikasso: Advertising Yellow Here, There And Everywhere

Pikasso is the leading out-of-home advertising company in Lebanon since 1986, it is also the 1st national OOH operator in Jordan, Iraq and Algeria under the name of Lawhat AlgĂ©rie. With more than 8,000 advertising faces, the group enjoys a key position in the Levant and North Africa and offers a comprehensive range of products and formats in 300 cities and towns. Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development to constantly meet its clients' needs. The team is composed of 320 highly qualified professionals. The company operates in all the fields of OOH: Billboards, Large Format, Urban Furniture, Transport advertising, and Malls. Pikasso Jordan L.L.C is the 1st national OOH operator in Jordan since 2000. It is a sister company of Les Affichages Pikasso Sal, the leader in poster advertising in Lebanon since 1986. Pikasso Jordan L.L.C is the specialist in poster advertising in Jordan. It offers a wide range of products from which the networks are trademarked: 4X3 Networks - Coverage Range®, Frequency Range® and Prestige Range®. The 4x3 networks are Pikasso Jordan L.L.C unique selling point with more than 500 faces covering the main cities of Jordan. Followed by Large Format Walls covering the prime locations of the Kingdom, as well as, indoor Mall locations. The Pikasso d'Or is a prize that rewards the best creative outdoor advertising campaigns, according to internationally recognized standards. Pikasso is also the organizer of the annual Pikasso d'Or ceremony, staged in Beirut, Amman and Algiers. The jury of the Pikasso d'Or is presided by Mr. Alain Weill, his General Secretary is Mr. Andrew Rawlins. Pikasso also invites prominent Lebanese, Jordanian and Algerian advertising personalities who participate and lent their extensive experience to the international jury. In order to promote creativity in the outdoor advertising field, Pikasso also organizes and invites advertising agencies and clients to enjoy a yearly presentation of the World's Best Posters by Mr. Alain Weill.

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