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Lama Younes: The First Saudi Forensic Psychologist

A children’s rights activist and the first Saudi female forensic psychologist and criminologist in the GCC, Lama Younes is the founder of Hissah Enrichment Center in Dubai. The center is unique in the region since it provides various services for education, training, and counseling to adults and youth to strengthen their personal and professional relationships. Younes focuses upon treating child abuse victims in the Gulf region where it is still considered to be a taboo issue and aims at implementing change through her work. Attaining her Bachelor’s Degree from Effat University in Psychology with a minor in children’s counseling, she went on to pursue her Masters in Forensic Psychology and Criminology from Middlesex University in London. Specializing in Delinquent Psychopath and Terrorism for a Postgraduate degree from Harvard University, she achieved her PhD from the University of London. As an advocate for children’s rights, she focused upon the differences between discipline, punishment, and child abuse in Saudi Arabia for her Ph.D. Other issues highlighted in her research were how to implement change in the region with an Islamic perspective in education, hospitals, and the law. Her research, which will be published soon, led her to be invited as a speaker at a panel discussion concerning child abuse at the Forensic Association in Washington D.C.

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